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Janus: Oracles Rising

In the spirit of "The Bourne identity" and "The Matrix," college baseball star and ex-special operations soldier, SHANE JOHNSON, is running for his life after opening a text from an unknown sender entitled "Janus." On a riveting quest through alternate realities to find the sender before his death, SHANE discovers that he is the test subject or "lab rat" of a renown psychological program at his college. JANUS: ORACLES RISING is a rite of passage put into place by an ancient powerful secret society known as the Vera Ipsum Iiani (Vii) or followers of Janus, a pre-Roman pantheon deity, in order to identify the promised oracles. With the help of his life-long best friend and protector "T" and his exceptionally gifted true love LEXI, the three draw on innate gifts/powers, pure love, and the human spirit to defeat the Vii, save the world, and bring balance back to the universe — so they think!



13 Steps

Dr. Hailey Penrose is an accomplished young psychologist and scientific authority on fear, so she thought. With her thriving new practice in the small town of Bothell, Washington and while conducting research for her 2nd book, Hailey takes on two new clients who are convinced they are next to die from a secret the community had buried in the not so distant past. Maltby Cemetery is considered to be one of the most haunted places on earth and at the center is a stone stairway, with 13 Steps, leading to an underground tomb. Those who dared descend the steps, touch the crypt adorned with 7 metal locks, and turn to attempt to ascend the steps came face-to-face with a fear so tormenting and visions of hell so horrific that it rendered many of the victims catatonic, comatose, schizophrenic, hallucinogenic, ridden with fear induced phobias, psychologically incapable of functioning in society, and eventually dead. Racing against time to solve the mystery of the 13 Steps before it claims more victims, and recognizing that she can no longer explain the upswing in supernatural events through science, including an eerie man who seems to be after her, Hailey reaches out to her estranged little sister and clairvoyant, Chloe for help. A freshman at University of Washington, Chloe has been having dreams of a particular boy at Maltby Cemetery and has been using her gift to help a member of the Native American Tribal Council piece together its history around the time Maltby Cemetery was built — nothing is a coincidence. Together the girls, with the help of a cast of characters, must race to piece together the pieces of the past, unearth the truth, and find the 7 keys to see what secret has been haunting and taking the lives of 13 souls every generation for 7 generations, and go to hell and back before it is to late.