Who We Are


Nebulae Entertainment is a full-spectrum entertainment company creating the future of entertainment, now. We specialize in film production, commercial, animation, and visual effects. Our mission is to put the magic back into Hollywood by bringing original stories to life that will entertain and inspire a global audience.

Featured Project

The Janus Project is a highly-anticipated thriller being produced by Nebulae Entertainment in 2014. Blending themes previously unexplored in film, audiences will find themselves engaged in metaphysical fantasy, psychological action, and a unique look at the human mind and spirit. Reaching into the personal and the cultural, Nebulae aims to create an original, engaging piece of entertainment unlike any other.


“No matter how much progress one makes, there is always the thrill of just beginning.” Nebulae is proud to include the public in our most exciting developments and paramount announcements. See what is happening at our studio to bring the world the future of entertainment, now.

Utah Independent Film

Alongside our goals of creating inspiring entertainment, Nebulae Entertainment seeks to fuel the independent film community in the state we call home. Dedicating a significant majority of our production in Utah, we are helping to increase the economic success of the state by providing jobs and injecting it with big name presence. We hope to take advantage of Utah’s pristine structures, diverse biomes, and breathtaking monuments to create visually compelling media across the state.